Isabelle Bernier is an artist and curator based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her artwork – mostly web pieces and installations – is concerned with the interaction between the private lives of individuals and the socio-political and cultural contexts where they are. It also has a literary component: she writes fictional narratives that are central to most of her pieces. These narratives are often presented in several languages (e.g. Spanish, Mi'kmaq, Arabic, Mohawk, English, San, etc.) that underline the political dimension of the work. In 2005-2006, Isabelle Bernier spent six months in Mexico City, doing an artist residency at the Centro Multimedia of the Centro Nacional de las Artes, which was made possible by a grant from the Quebec Council for the Arts and Literature (CALQ) and the Mexican National Fund for the Arts and Culture (FONCA). In 2006-2007, she was artist-in-residence at Agence TOPO, a Montreal centre specialized in multimedia and web art. In 2008 her work was shown in the Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec. Since 2007, thanks to a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, she has devoted most of her time to the Canadian-Egyptian internet art project “RASHID & ROSETTA” that she initiated and organized, and co-curated with Salah D. Hassan. As part of the project she created the web artwork “Curse of the Great Pyramid (Egyptomania)”, available at


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