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Isabelle Bernier is an artist and curator based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her artwork – mostly web pieces and installations – explores the interaction between the private lives of individuals and the socio-political and cultural contexts in which they are. >>>read more


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"Curse of the Great Pyramid (Egyptomania)"
October, 1828. The young French linguist Champollion, decipherer of the hieroglyphs, finally realizes the dream of his life: to visit Egypt, admire its monuments – including the Great Pyramid of Giza – and acquire some antiques to take back to France... The website is a humorous, parodic piece on colonialist fantasies, egyptomania and orientalism. It draws attention to the manipulative effects of ever-repeted cultural clichés and ready-made ideas, particularly regarding the Arab world. The piece includes videos, quotations from Edward Said, interactive elements emphasizing the colonial basis for classic computer games, and more. >>>read more
Connect to the piece: www.egyptomania.ca

"Verano” is a web artwork inspired by a painting also entitled "Verano", painted in 1937 by Mexican artist Antonio Ruiz. The painting represents a working-class couple looking at the window of a luxury clothing store in Mexico City. The web artwork "Verano" re-interprets this theme, transposing it into a new window: the Web. On the aesthetic and structural level, the piece is a parody, an imitation of websites published by fashion clothing companies. However, beyond the seductive commercial aesthetics, visitors will discover a story: that of a young Montreal artist, an anti-hero who explores Mexico City in his own, personal way... >>>read more
Connect to the piece: Verano

"Rashid & Rosetta "
RASHID & ROSETTA is a web art project on the theme of the Rosetta Stone, a famous Egyptian archeological artifact that played a central role in the decipherment of hieroglyphs. The project primarily consists of an on-line exhibition of internet-based artworks created by six artists from Egypt and Quebec/Canada: Hadil Nazmy (Alexandria), Skawennati Fragnito (Montreal), Andrew Forster (Montreal), Heba Farid (Cairo), Rehab El Sadek (Alexandria) and Isabelle Bernier (Montreal). Bernier is also the initiator and director of the project that she co-curated together with Salah D. Hassan, a Canadian cultural critic. RASHID & ROSETTA is presented in collaboration with STUDIO XX and OBORO, two Montreal artist-run centres. >>>read more
Connect to the exhibition: www.rashid-and-rosetta.org

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